Products and Projects

The following are a list of ongoing products I’ve been involved in and other projects in various stages in disrepair.


Panoptix(tm) by Johnson Controls

Web hosted energy management software. Manage enterprise building and energy data with analytics, visualizations, and expert staff ‘Live Guides’. Extend your feature set with the App Marketplace and developer program.

Involved as Chief Product Owner of the development effort as well as direct Product Owner of the Continuous Diagnostics Evaluator, traditionally known in the industry as Fault Detection and Diagnostics.

Gridlogix AEM(tm) rebranded as Metasys(tm) Sustainability Manager

Energy management and analytics suite. Migration of the original AEM product after the Gridlogix, Inc. acquisition. Integrated with the suite of Johnson Controls products and applications. Replaced by Panoptix(tm).

Deployed on many campuses including the highly successful Empire State Building retrofit project, a great case study for Colony Park, and one of the largest state-wide energy management deployments for the State of Missouri.

Involved as the architect and lead engineer including sales support, training, and intellectual property capture.

Verify FM RFID/RFLS Emergency Responder System

A wireless, low-power, micro-radio solution to track personnel, assets, and vehicles in high-risk environments such as chemical plants, oil refineries, sensitive material shipping depots. Deployed at refineries / industrial plants in North America.

Involved as the overall product manager including technical architecture, engineering leadership, manufacturing, regulatory compliance, training programs, and deployments.


Demographic Cartography

No longer active. Used google geo searches to drive simple demographic results. Responses for 3 keywords are merged in a heatmap showing the combination of socially related searches. Goal is to show market pockets correlated to possibly disparate keywords.


No longer active. Interactive QR code wall art. Large-scale stylized QR and barcodes framed in pop-art style. Scanning the tag will direct the user to a URL as defined by the owner of the artwork. The URL can be changed to any link from the web and mobile interface including uploaded images, video, and text posts.

Build | Grow | Learn –

Hands-on sustainability curriculum in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) for 9-12 grades.